The City Hen

20130407-195323.jpgWelcome to The City Hen. At the risk of sounding like a mother hen talking about her babies’ every details–to the boredom and annoyance of all–I decided to instead start a blog that would provide a few laughs “on demand” for friends and family. Can’t guarantee I won’t use a swear word every now and then (sorry, Mom), but most of it will be amusing day-to-day trials and tribulations of raising backyard chickens in the middle of St. Pete, Florida. Enjoy…


2 thoughts on “The City Hen

  1. I just came across your blog. It’s just adorable. I’m so glad to see someone documenting their adventures with laying hens. I just got a new flock of three Plymouth Barred Rocks this past May, and what do ya know…I also named one of my girls Henrietta. LOL.:) I named her that because I used to love reading a book as a child about a chicken named Henrietta. One of the three just laid her first egg yesterday and I am so excited about that! Those girls are just adorable. I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts and sure am looking forward to reading more. Have fun & take care! <3Rose

    • Thanks for the note! I’m so happy to hear about other people enjoying their backyard hens. How did you find the blog, can I ask? Just a random web search? I love that there are so many people reading it! 🙂 The girls would love to know they are famous, too. And I HEARD about that children’s chicken Henrietta! My friend told me about it after I named my girl, and I was cracking up. She found a YouTube clip from an old-school movie about the chicken, and it was cheesy and hilarious!

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