Baby Steps

Babies are doing well! Eating like little feathered champs, learning that my hands are often the vessels for delicious treats, and adjusting to life near much larger hens–one of whom wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of them every chance she gets. I’m talking about Henrietta here.  She charges at them, corners them, pecks them, and basically terrorizes them. Perfectly normal behavior for a dominant hen. And since Henrietta is pretty much on the bottom of the pecking order with the other big gals, I suppose she’s due her turn. Thank God the babies know to get the hell out of her way. It took one major pecking session and the loss of two feathers. Ouch. So for now, they remain in the safety of their cage when the big gals are in their run, and then when the big gals are out free-ranging in the yard, the babies get to roam the big run. They leap, they jump, they mock-fight, they nap, they dig and scratch, and they eat everything they find. Happy hens.  

Mabelene is afraid of them and jumps about six feet every time they fluff their feathers, Goldie is indifferent to them, and Henrietta wants to take a bite out of them. All normal for this stage of the game.

Baby steps. 


Ever watchful of the evil Henrietta, Dot (left) and Gertie remain on alert, even behind the safety of the enclosure.


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