More Chickens!

Shameful, the length of time between my postings of late. If you’re not following The City Hen on Facebook, you may have missed a few things. Not your fault–I know Facebook is not a friend to all. But there are some amusing postings we at The City Hen make every now and then. 

But to our loyal WordPress subscribers, let me break the awesome news: there are two new additions to The City Hen flock! Fresh off the boat from a sad little farm in Pinellas Park (of which I would have exited with peeling tires, had my friend Megan not given me the gentle “We must save them” look), two 8-week-old Australorp hens have found their way home. 

For those of you not too familiar with chicken breeds, the Australorp is a beautiful, docile black-feathered hen of substantial size and prize-winning ebony feathers who typically tops the list in desired backyard chicken breeds. Knowing they had ANYTHING to do with my now 5-year-old Goldie’s Orpington lineage was enough for me. And who doesn’t want beautiful black hens on their back lawn? We are equal-opportunity, after all. (Was that wrong?)

And so, Dottie (named after my deceased Gram Dorothy) and Gert (a name I simply loved and then found out was my friend Rachel’s gram’s name–which totally sealed the deal) found their way home yesterday, enduring the exhausting and stressful life change as best as their little bodies would allow. (By the way, all hens should be named after grandmas, don’t you think?)

Thank God (and Dad) for my spacious new run! This new hen integration will be a thousand times easier than the last time! (Reference my agonizing 2013 blog posts.) The big ole dog crate generously donated by Emma & Skip–my much-missed friends from the barn–is a life-saver, allowing me to house Dot and Gert in the safety of their own run inside the big girls’ run. And after a day of anxious reception by the big girls to these new much-peeping interlopers, it actually seems like my new flock will actually be open to integration in several short weeks. 

Now that Gert and Dot have had their thorough DE dust baths and immune-boosting probiotics, they are ready to assimilate into the life of the much-loved backyard City Hen–aka, lottery winners. 

So expect some upcoming news and silly stories, and always the random observations we make about our feathered friends. The city hens never disappoint. 


Already roosting–and joined at the hip.


So sleepy after the challenging move. 


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