Practical Egg Jokes

There’s almost nothing more rewarding than enjoying the beautiful Florida spring evenings outside in a lazy Adirondack chair with a glass of wine and the curious (and sometimes demanding) gazes from your trio of fat, happy hens. I was happy to enjoy that scene tonight. And it reminded me of my lax blogging activities of late. (Apologies to all who flatter me enough to read my ramblings.)

I am happy to report that Henrietta, Mabelene, and Goldie are doing well! Their winter molts are done and egg production finally kicked back into full gear about two weeks ago. Thank God! It seemed to take forever to get eggs again! So long, in fact, that my brother-in-law Don played a little joke on me one night after I arrived at their house eggless once again for a family gathering. (My excuses and explanations about Mother Nature and molting had fallen on deaf ears for weeks.)

While performing my evening pre-bedtime check of the girls one evening, I was astounded to open their coop door and see a dozen brilliant white eggs dotting the landscape of the coop floor! Holy eggs-raining-down-from-Heaven, batman! It took my sluggish and shocked brain about fifteen seconds to deduct that these eggs (all of which were white–a color that never graces my nesting boxes) were not my hens’ eggs at all! It was a great joke–though perhaps an effective gesture, since Goldie started laying a few weeks later!

Another day in the life of backyard chicken-keeping. 🙂


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