Precious Greenies

I would have them on a train, I would have them on a plane. I would keep them from a mouse, I would find them under my house. And under the house is where I found two perfect green eggs.

Mabelene? Who’d-a-thunk she would start dropping eggs before Henrietta? At least, I’m assuming it’s Mabelene, since she’s been the one spending the most time in the coop lately. But wait–Henrietta was huddled up in the coop several days ago, as well. So now I’m thoroughly confused. Regardless of which little hen it dropped out of, consider me an incredibly proud mother hen whose chest feathers are simply a-swollen with pride.

Now the problem: the choice of laying location. Under the house. I only stumbled upon the first egg since I was sweeping under the back stairs and noticed something pastel-green out of the corner of my eye. An egg! After a squat-and-peer session under the back porch (carefully avoiding possible chicken bombs in the grass near my hands) I spotted egg number two. Out of my reach. Of course. Grabbed a rake and attempted to roll it out from under there, retrieving several other surprise items I never knew had found their way under the house: plastic planters, an empty yogurt cup, and HEY! My missing Croc! Last time I saw the other one, it was floating down the road during Tropical Storm Debbie.

I digress. The egg! My metal rake crushed it before I could get my greedy little hands on the perfect green orb. Dang it! Well, since only the chicken gods (or Henrietta or Mabelene) know when the egg was laid, I probably couldn’t have eaten it anyway. As is the case with the other one I snatched up.

Mean mom that I am, I had to close off the underside of the house with some temporary lattice panels. Sorry, babies! Once you start laying your precious greenies in the proper location (or at least somewhere I can reach), I’ll move the lattice away.

The babies should really know where to lay. There has been a marble “decoy” egg in their nesting box for over a month now. Goldie and Marge are constantly laying in their nesting boxes, and Henrietta and Mabelene take great care to observe the process and check in on the laying hen several times an hour, even sitting on the egg after the big gal makes her way outside. (The hen equivalent of playing house with Barbie and Ken.) So I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time. As are all things chicken-related, yes?

For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that I’m finally seeing green eggs on my homestead once again. Even if i have to work to get them… This fact, combined with the wonderful little Mabel-like sounds that are coming out of the babies’ beaks now, reminds me of the days I had a certain very special hen named Mabel ruling the roost. Bittersweet happiness for sure.


Okay, so I might have cheated by placing it in the nesting box near the decoy egg (wishful thinking, maybe…), but it sure does look good in the nesting box!


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