A Tentative Accord

All is relatively quiet on the farm (except, of course, when Goldie lays an egg and decides to announce it to the whole world). The baby henlettes are looking more and more like real chickens, I am able to sleep in on the weekends (unless the neighborhood dogs are up before me), and there seems to be a mutual peace amongst the backyard grazers. In fact, just today, I noticed Goldie and Henrietta pecking away at a patch of grass only two feet apart.

The babies have even shown the big gals a few new tricks. For instance, how the crawl space of the house is such a desirable place to while away these hot pre-summer afternoons. I now find the whole flock lounging under there together when I venture outside. (For the record, I’m not sure if the big girls have the babies trapped against their will or not, but I’m willing to take the “glass is half-full” approach here.)

The big girls also seem to enjoy the new coop, making a beeline for it when I open up everyone’s doors for turnout in the mornings. They peck away in there for bugs and treats the little ones have missed during their evening meals. Surprisingly, I found Goldie puffed up in the new coop’s nesting box today, and wa-la, an hour later, a perfect brown egg appeared. This may just be the ticket to training the babies where to deposit their eggs when the time comes.

For now, there is a very enjoyable routine developing at the City Hen headquarters. Welcome to June.

Goldie trying out the new coop’s nesting boxes.

The Mabelettes are growing up.


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