Attempted Murder

Today, one Marguerite Bazany was arrested on charges of attempted murder. (See mug shot below.) Several witnesses reported observing the perpetrator attack a young hen in a small corner of the victim’s residence and repeatedly peck with intent to kill.

“It was just horrible,” observed Henrietta Bazany, sister of the victim. “She came at us in the run, all big and fat and fast, and there was nowhere to run. I managed to get out and squawk for our mother hen. Mabelene got trapped and couldn’t get out,” she said, shaking her wattles. “It was awful. She had Mabelene’s feathers all in her beak. The evidence was clear.”

The victim’s caretaker rushed to the run and broke up the fight, locking the alleged attacker in the small kennel while walking in circles to contain her rage and frustration.

“I think she was going for the grill,” said Henrietta. “And she’s a vegetarian,” she whispered through her beak.

After verifying the victim was unharmed–but severely shaken–Caretaker Bazany returned the victim and her sister to their safe house and secured it carefully with extra treats. The attacker was then locked in her own residence. The caretaker left the premises for a much-needed run along the downtown waterfront to contemplate the next steps.

Ms. Marguerite Bazany is being held on bond and has been denied bail for fear of a strong flight risk.



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