Baby Mabels

New babies. Meet Mabelene and Henrietta, the newest members of our flock. About 7-8 weeks old, and almost ready to integrate with Goldie and Marge. It will be a few weeks–we are expecting 50s at night for the next week or so, and I don’t want them to be out there too soon.

I’ve had them outside in their cage for two days now. Goldie is interested and seems to get it. Pecks around outside their cage and gives them a sideways stare every few minutes. Marguerite, on the other hand, believes them to be little half-feathered aliens. We will have to be very careful with this one.

I’m traveling for a few days this coming weekend and a friend will be fostering them. Will worry about throwing them off their routine yet again (bringing them home Saturday was quite a stressful ordeal), but I think they’ll be okay. Plus, I can’t imagine a better foster home for them while I’m gone. Thanks, Rachel!



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