Mabel the Sable Black Label Bazany: 2010-2013

It is with great sadness that I to have to publish this post. Our little flagship hen, Mabel, died today.

While at the vet, she aspirated on the table during her blood draw. They couldn’t get her back, even with two vets and three techs working on her. This strengthens our growing suspicion about heart disease. (The excessive fluid buildup in her abdomen was a big clue. And more obviously, the fact that she had a heart attack while being attended to.) I read that when a chicken shows signs of sickness, it’s usually too late at that point. So I know that for her to have been this low, it was probably very dire.

Before I took her to the vet, I brought her outside to sit in the sun and enjoy feeling the grass beneath her feet. Marge and Goldie sauntered by to deliver the usual pleasantries (Hi there, Hey there, Ho there, How ya been, Seen any good grubs over in that patch of grass? Nah…you?), and then she rested in her box in the sun for a little while. That is how I will remember her: sitting in that patch of sun.

So I drink my wine and remember the hen who survived a thousand attacks at the farm (well, not a thousand, but it seems like it), and how lucky I was to have her bright little spirit in my life.

I am so sad. Sometimes, there’s just not enough wine.

Everyone shares their support (thank you so much), assures me that I did all I could and more than most (I try to remember this), and reminds me that she was an extraordinary hen that lived the high life (this, I know).

The logic, the pragmatic thoughts, the justifications, I can accept. The emotions, well, that will take a little more time.


6 thoughts on “Mabel the Sable Black Label Bazany: 2010-2013

    • Just got back to emails and saw your entry. I am so sorry to hear of Mabel’s passing. It’s never easy to lose our beloved pets and I know your heart is so sad. I’m sending you a big warm hug. Love ya!

  1. Your tribute to Mabel was very eloquent and poignant, Sheri. There will always be a place in our hearts remembering Mabel. We learned a lot from her in the short time she was with us. She’s now running around in Heaven looking for tasty tidbits and resting comfortably in soft grass dappled in warm sunshine along . Love, M&D

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. Never easy. But she lived a fabulous life and was a very special and much loved hen. Take great pride in knowing that.

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