Mabel’s In the House

Literally. Mabel is in my house. In my office. In a box. On a heating pad. With a heat lamp. And a space heater. Too cold last night (48), and this morning, when I checked the coop, she was huddled in her nesting corner. Marguerite was stepping all over her, squawking her unhappiness that Mabel wasn’t coming outside with the rest of them to eat their morning grub. Not an ideal situation for a creature to rest and fight whatever she’s fighting.

So here’s what the vet said yesterday: Xrays did not show any sign of a stuck egg. She may have a respiratory infection–or even pneumonia. She has been sneezing a bit for a week, so that implies respiratory system. She also exhibits slightly labored breathing. Vet gave her an antibiotic injection; advised to keep her warm, and is sending the Xrays of her lungs to another vet for an opinion.

I decided that if she’s fighting pneumonia, and because the vet said she needed to stay warm so that she could better fight off what was going through her system, it was time to bring her inside. If she can’t come out of this thing, I need to know I did everything I could do to give her a fighting chance. For cripes’ sake, she thwarted off four predator attacks at the farm long ago. Come on, Mabel!

mabel at the vet sml


One thought on “Mabel’s In the House

  1. Come on Mabel. We’re pulling for you girl. You are doing all the right stuff to help Mabel fight off her pneumonia, Sheri. Keep us updated on her progress. Hope she’ll be up running around reallysoon. Love, Mom & Dad (aka..Gram & Gramp to Mabel…our little fighter)

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