A New Year of Backyard Chicken-dom

I am so lucky to have chickens. They are hilarious and amusing little feathered friends. And they give back! I have been enjoying eggs from Goldie and Marguerite on a regular basis since they started laying a week ago. When you crack one of their eggs in a bowl next to a store-bought egg, the difference is obvious. Bright, golden yolks and clear-as-day whites. Such a treat, and worth all the effort of keeping these girls happy every day.

Florida is experiencing its first real cold snap of the winter. Evening temps are dipping into the 40s. The last few days, temperatures have not gotten above 60. But hens–especially the breeds that we have selected for our backyard flocks–are just fine with this type of weather. Don’t get me wrong, there are many glares and sideways glances that come from Mabel and Company when a cold front approaches, but all in all, they do pretty well through the mild Florida winters. I’m fully aware they could get by in harsher climates, as well–Northern states with snow. But I’m glad we’re here in Florida. Otherwise, I would probably be one of those over-cautious moms who would install a heat lamp in their coop at night. Or central heat. And insulated beak covers. Har.

As we enter 2013, my resolutions regarding my hens are simple: clean their water bowl more often, come up with more creative ways to entertain them with food, pick them up more. (Not sure they’ll really love that last one…)

Happy 2013! Let’s raise a toast to the backyard hens!




One thought on “A New Year of Backyard Chicken-dom

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about, it was 40 this morning in Phoenix! My ladies don’t seem to mind either, but I noticed they are hanging out in their coop more. As far as your cleaning the waterer more, I solved that problem years ago and I thought I’d share. I hate those plastic drinkers for chickens, they are hard to clean and the whole idea is just a big chore that gets put off until it’s gross. I use shallow buckets from the feed store, and use a standard feed bucket to refill every day or so. It’s so much easier and my birds have clean water all the time. I do however raise the water a little off the ground so it stays clean. Hope this idea works for you! đŸ™‚

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