Wine, Hens, and Fall

You have to live in Florida to appreciate Fall Fever. If you will, imagine Spring Fever–but the opposite. (Who else would cherish the end of summer?) The first whiff of a campfire at night, the first 5:00 glass of Cabernet in the backyard in an 84-degree breeze, the pure, unadulterated joy of being able to sit outside–yes, OUTSIDE!!–without breaking a sweat for the first time in four months, the first draft of this year’s anonymous “please-shut-your-dogs-up” letters hitting the neighborly post… Who enjoys this season? Me. Floridians.

And, of course, a certain flock of hens. Goldie’s laying an egg a day now, Marge is growing her downy butt feathers again (we won’t go into detail about that), and Mabel, well, Mabel still hasn’t delivered a green-shelled orb of happiness in four months; but, hey–three outta four ain’t bad.

My only bit of consternation at this peaceful backyard moment of wine, hens, and the mosquito-less promise if Fall is the ear-shattering hyper barking of the rat dogs nextdoor. (I’m sorry, by the way, if I sound like i don’t like dogs–just not the ones who split your eardrum at every drop of a leaf. And might I add that there are a lot of trees here?) Ahh, they are quiet now. Thank the Lord. But my wine glass is empty and my gullet screaming for dinner. So off I go in search of healthy sustainability to offset my Argentine cabernet.

Hail to the backyard-roaming chickens!



2 thoughts on “Wine, Hens, and Fall

  1. Tonight is quite nice! I can relate with the dog next door but I have it worse. I have 70# and 35# dogs. They are chill and friendly. Recently the neighbors brought home a bad ass boston terrier. The dog rams,jumps on my fence, makes the worst snarly noises and attempts to dig under my fence to get to my dogs. Of course they react. It just pisses away any tranquility we have back here. My neighbor says he just wants to “play”. Whatever.

  2. As always, great writing, Sheri. Have you sent this website to the Heyers to enjoy? Bet they’d love it, too. Marge looks like she’s her own Boss in this photo! Love it. l,m


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