Marge in the Mirror, and Other Muses

Marguerite has developed an interesting infatuation. With mirrored surfaces. At her own reflection. Oftentimes when I go outside to check on the free-ranging flock of mine, I find them all hanging out in the garage. Why? It’s not cool in there. There is no breeze. A lack of fresh air, certainly. Why? Okay; that’s beside the point. What I wanted to share with you is how I find a certain Marge standing next to my scooter with her head positioned ever so delicately angled to reflect in the chrome trim. Panting (no, not because of some odd attraction–chickens pant when they’re hot), holding perfectly still. Staring. It’s amusing, for sure. Marge–the beauty queen. My goal is to capture it in a picture soon.

Other updates: Goldie–after what seemed an extremely lengthy time period–came out of brooding a few days ago, just lime clockwork. Day 20: wa-la. Took her longer than usual to get back on the nighttime roost with the others–I had to place her there last night with my hands! Tonight, thankfully, all was right in the world: she was on the roost when I went out to do the bedtime check.

In other news, I still haven’t seen a green egg from Mabel. What’s it been–a month now? Gotta do some more backyard chicken research.

Getting ready to face another rainy season… Though the girls would prefer to pass, I think. It’s been ungodly hot–90s already. So the daily chicken above-ground pool is more important than ever. Marge, especially, loves it. Just walks right into the pan of water and parks it. Go, Marge! I wouldn’t be surprised to walk up on her one day lounging in her pool with a Bud Light on her wing.


One thought on “Marge in the Mirror, and Other Muses

  1. Hah! That’s funny that Marge loves looking at herself in the mirror. I remember the past couple of years when a certain robin was “mad” at seeing his reflectionas he was looking in the side mirror on our parked car in the yard, and would get his feathers all ruffled and actually attack (peck) the car! Guess he thought it was another male bird, and being springtime, well he wasn’t gonna have nobody else wooing the lady robins he was trying to impress!

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