Spring: Eggs & Brooding

Ahhh, Spring! The smell of freshly planted flowers and new jasmine, the rich color in the evening sunlight, the enjoyment of a cold glass of Chardonnay in the garden, and…a broody Goldie. Sigh. (Click this link to see short video: youtube/37RwQ4_zOeE)
Almost like clockwork after the time change… It’s common for brood-minded hens to go broody when the days are longer and the temperatures warmer. Why? That’s when it’s an ideal time to be a mom, to raise baby Goldies. And just when I was getting used to reaping the rewards of 2-3 eggs a day. With one of my top producers off duty, I’ll have to rein in the weekly half-dozen giveaways. Many people who were next on the waiting list will be very sad.
I have now logged one year as a backyard chicken owner. Wouldn’t change it for anything! These girls are a trip. They enjoy yard work as much as I do–though my yard work usually consists of cleaning up their yard work. They are fine company when I’m working in the pottery studio. They give me delicious golden-rich eggs. It’s a healthy relationship. And all of those worries over the first few months of hen ownership? Neighbor issues? Rat problems? No issues now; all is being handled. What was I so worried about?
Finally, the egg count–pretty impressive:
Mabel: 182
Marguerite: 151
Goldie: 169
Good girls.



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