A Good Dirt Bath Before Bed

Ah, the joy of a good dirt bath before bedtime. The girls are thoroughly enjoying the slightly cooler weather these days. I still have the industrial-grade fan on them by day, the Target Sunday Special ruffling their feathers at night. Difference is, the timers are turning ’em off sooner and the power is switched to Low. C’mon, fall!

Marge should be about halfway through her molt, and the others will probably start soon. I’m hoping that the variations in molting schedules will keep me in eggs over the coming weeks.

Random thought: when you’ve got chickens under your care, you’re like a walking almanac. You know when the sun rises and when it sets. Not by the local television meteorologist, but by your hens’ roosting and rising schedules. And I, for one, will NOT like this fall’s time change…

Time to put the hens to bed.



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