Moltin’ Marge

There’s always something keeping me from enjoying a record run of 3-day-eggers: Goldie brooding, temps too hot, whatever. You name it.
Here’s a new one to add to the annals of City Hen-dom: molting! Which Marge is now doing. Molting Marge.
Not familiar with molting? It’s the lovely process that occurs annually (in all chickens — not just Marguerite) in which a chicken regenerates new feathers. Out with the old, in with the new.
It takes about seven weeks to complete. And because it’s a stressful period of time for our feathered friend, she — you guessed it — stops LAYING eggs! It’s an egg-cation, time for her “reproductive system to rest,” my books say.
And because it’s a pretty energy-intensive time, I’ve read that good  nutrition can help lessen the issues associated with molting stress. I’m pretty confident that my chickens’ regular diet of commercial “layer” crumbles and corn scratch — along with their daily treatage of shredded carrots, spaghetti, mozzarella cheese, brown rice, and salad greens– will get them all through just fine. It’s a stressful time for me, too, so my daily treatage of Chardonnay should get me through just fine.
I suppose, after laying over a hundred eggs for me since coming to roost on Mississippi Avenue, Marge is entitled to a bit of personal time. Bummer for the egg record books, though.

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