The Promise of Fall

This morning, I felt it. The promise of fall. The girls did, too. Instead of making a beeline for the cool bathtub in their outdoor run, they are simply laying in the sand, eyes half-closed, the 77-degree breeze tussling their feathers. I enjoyed a cup of joe outside on the patio, watching them, for the first time in five months. This is what I saw (below pic). C’mon, fall!!



2 thoughts on “The Promise of Fall

  1. Love reading you terrifically “worded” articles, Sher! Hope I can successfully sign up to get updates when you do a new article.
    Love, Mom

  2. I felt the same way! I was hoping for a repeat but just walked outside to treat up the girls and it’s more humid this morning. I wanted to start planting my veggie beds but I see a lot of rain in the gulf coming.
    My friend up on 93rd ave told me her chickens have started to molt and all but 1 has stopped laying. She has 6. I hope that doesn’t happen to mine anytime soon. I can’t imagine the explosion of feathers requiring almost constant clean up in my coop. ACK. BTW, I see your little buggers kick their sand out of their coop too. That drives me nuts. I had laid all nice river rock along the sides and it looked so cute. Now….they are completely covered and I bird seed sprouting up. Lesson learned. I’ll be buying some scratch as an alternative for foraging.

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