Jailbird Breaks Free

Stop the presses! Alert the presses! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Goldie hath stopped the brood. Sunday’s post was not a momentary fluke in the strange cycle of chickendom. I’m thrilled to report that Goldie has again joined the land of the living. Could it be the slight shortening of daylight each day? Could it be that Goldie woke up Sunday and decided it was just too damn uncomfortable sitting around a hot henhouse 24/7? Could it be that she got sick of her mother hen forcibly–but gently, of course–removing her from her imaginary nest three times a day?

As it is, she’s now on the lowest level of the pecking order, with regard to Marguerite and Mabel. Going broody does nothing good for her social order within the flock… (I’m sure Marge doesn’t mind since she was #3 in the list a few short months ago.

But she’s out! Egggscellent.

Now the question is, when will I start seeing those Golden eggs? Stay tuned…



One thought on “Jailbird Breaks Free

  1. It’s about time Goldie!

    Mine seem to be slowing down. Day before yesterday we got one stinkin egg. Yesterday there were 4. Go figure…

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