Another Trip to Broodville

And so it is. Goldie’s brooding again. Or, as I announced to my sister via eMail this morning, “Broody’s golding.” Sadly, she completely understood what I meant.

Twenty more days of no eggs from Hen #3. Twenty more days of moving a moody hen out of the coop to drink and eat and stretch her fluffed-up wings. Twenty more days of worrying about her: Is she too hot? Has she eaten enough? Drank enough? Not to mention–selfish of me, I know–when will I see a 3-egg day again?

Goldie is my brooder. And so it is.



3 thoughts on “Another Trip to Broodville

  1. I know some of the techniques to break a broody seem cruel but have you considered any of them? What about putting an ice pack wrapped in a towel in the nest to deter her. I’ve heard that sometimes works and if nothing more, it would keep her cool.

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