Hot Babes

The girls are hot, but they are well. Now that they have “playground time” at least every other day, they can’t stop clucking about it. And thankfully, one of my worst fears was never realized–that after tasting freedom, they would hound me incessantly to get out. Aside from a few turbo-powered skips through my legs when I open the door for feedings, they seem to realize that play time is a freedom that is rationed carefully, and they now watch for the lattice gate to go up, which means play time!

On the days that they DO get out of their luxurious digs, they work hard at transforming my walkway into a dirt pile, scratching up a few grubs and worms before relaxing into a satisfying collective dust bath.

Goldie has been producing eggs regularly now, and between the three hens, I’m seeing 2-3 per day! Which is saying something in this heat furnace of a Florida summer. I am finally able to start doling out a few precious 6-packs now and then.

Tonight’s turnout was quite a sight–looked like a chicken bomb went off. See for yourself!



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