Goldie the Broody

When the girl gets generally agitated and pouffs up her feathers, gives everyone dirty looks, and spends all her time in the bed, what does it mean? No, ladies, not that.

Goldie’s gone broody. She’s done it again. Day one of second broody stage. And now–as opposed to last time– it’ll be 150 degrees hotter in the coop where she hides for 21 days, waiting for her imaginary clutch of eggs to hatch.




One thought on “Goldie the Broody

  1. Too late to take her back to the dealership for a later model with that new chicken smell? Ha ha. Sorry chicky. I got 4 eggs from all my dealers today for the first time today. I know my broody time is coming though. Good thing you are a stay at home Mom 🙂

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