Back in Biz

Well, I’ll be, um, egg-faced: Goldie laid an egg today — just ten days after coming out of the broody stage. According to all the chicken books I’ve read, she should’ve taken another two weeks or so before laying again.

‘Tis a happy — and hopeful — day for me and the many egg hoarders waiting in line for more!



One thought on “Back in Biz

  1. I took the day off to do some work in the yard. Gorgeous day. About 9:30 it started. This tremendous clucking from one of my silkies. She paced and clucked for a couple hours on and off. Up to the nest box, back down to the run. Rinse…repeat. I was cringing. Being a nice day, my neighbor had his windows open. After all that commotion, no egg. I sure hope she quiets down once the laying begins.

    Really great egg variety!

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