Chicken Shock

After a day of torrential storms and heavy rain, my power went out. After an hour, it came back on. Fifteen minutes later, the transformer behind my house blew — I mean, BLEW — and it’s mounted on a pole literally 15 inches from the chicken coop. Came out to calm a threesome of very, very upset chickens.

Power is out again, not expected to be restored until 9 pm.



2 thoughts on “Chicken Shock

  1. It was nasty here too. I have all kinds of debris to pick up in the morn. Disrupted my egg layer too. Nada today. My neighbor across the street had one one of those pop up red neck shade tents in his front yard.
    It’s a knarled mess. Not sad to see it go 🙂
    Scary when those transformers blow. Back when T tops were cool in cars, my ex and I had one blow out as we were driving by. Hot pieces almost landed in the damn car! A pelican also pooped on my lap in that firebird so I am elated T tops are no longer in fashion! Big birds = big shits.

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