Lazy Sunday Afternooning

Here I sit on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the shade of a massive who-knows-what tree, cooled off from the pool and a day’s worth of Weedon Island walking, car-washing, gardening, and soaking in the pool. This tree I’m sitting under is adjacent to the chicken run, and I thought I’d share a sneak peek into what the girls are doing at this moment.




One thought on “Lazy Sunday Afternooning

  1. What, no mention of a cold beverage? Haha. I am jealous of your pool. I wish I had the room. We biked coffee pot today. The morning was gorgeous wasn’t it? My 2 layers have taken a keen interest in the coop during the day. They never went up there during the day. The clock is tickin. It’s pretty apparent we have some hormonal girls! They take after their mommy, me! Heh

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