Goldie the Savage Velociraptor

Have you seen The Lost World? I know — who hasn’t. Remember the scene where the dirty scientist defects, heads off into the woods on the Jeep during a torrential storm, busts up his Jeep in the mud and runs into the kind little Velociraptor — he thinks — before the creature flutters his wings and screeches his eeh-eeh-eeh-eeh sound (then attacks and kills)?

I think Goldie has seen this movie, too. This reaction — the fluttering of wings and screeching and posturing — is exactly what she does when I reach in to pull her out of her hot little eggless nesting box and put her outside to eat and drink four times a day. She’s all talk, though. Nary a peck or even a head-butt.


Week two of brooding is halfway done. Should only be another 1-1/2 weeks, according to my sources.

Even Marguerite seems offended by Goldie's rude reaction.


One thought on “Goldie the Savage Velociraptor

  1. If mine go broody, they’ll have to cook in the coop all day because I won”t be home to remove her. My barred rock is becoming miss bossy pants. I’m pretty sure she’ll be laying first and soon. Her face is coloring up nicely which I heard is an indication of maturity. it’s about time they start giving back!

    Do you take your food up at night?

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