The Magic 8

According to my Magic 8 Ball (the real one with the air-bubble filled liquid that makes it hard to read the answer after a few years from frantic, wishful shaking sessions), it is “Very Doubtful” that my neighbors would report my chickens for the occasional squawk and bok-bok-bok.  And for those of us who rely on the Magic 8 Ball for everyday wisdom, that is as good as a sign from the gods.

However, after hearing the “happy egg song”–as my fellow backyard chicken shepherds refer to it–for the second time before 8:30 am Saturday morning, well, I was temped to snatch the 8 ball off my office shelf and give it another shake. “Bok-bok-bok-BAAAWK! Bok-bok-bok-BAAAWK!” times ten.

I scooted out to the coop as quick as my slippered feet would take me, skidding around corners, “SHHHing” all the way, flung open the coop door, prepared to heat up the grill for a little weekend chicken flambe’ brunch, Mabel-style, when WHAT to my wondering eyes did appear? GOLDIE. She hath sprung a voice. Oh my.

The bad news is: my other chickens are now vocal. The good news is, they should soon start laying… Any day… In fact, Marguerite was either in a stair-climbing competition all day Sunday OR she’s feeling the urge to pop an egg out with all her visits up the ramp and into the coop’s nesting boxes.

There was an egg in the box today. Mabel’s? It looked like Mabel’s; it was the size of her eggs and it was a delightful teal shell, which Mabel’s breed lays. Assumption is that it is not Marguerite’s since I’ve heard that new egg layers supply rather small eggs at first. Shell color would also be an indicator, since Mabel’s breed lays the turquoise eggs; however, Marguerite’s breed also has a few offshoots of breed that lay the same color. We’ll just have to see…

Hopefully, not at the expense of another “Happy Egg” song.


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