Today’s Strategy: Load ’em Up

Romaine, do your thing!

As my bruised little toes throb from yesterday’s award-winning stubbing session, I write this post in the hopes–prayers, really–that Mabel is a quiet little egg-layer today. The strategy? Load up the food and excitement in their run. Romaine hanging from a wire. Oats and flax seed and greens spread along the run, covered with a light layer of alfalfa hay. Banana chunks spread here and there. A small frozen corn-on-the-cob under one particularly large alfalfa covering–a prize for someone to discover in a few moments. Public radio blaring talk-talk-talk morning news from the garage.

Fingers crossed.


One thought on “Today’s Strategy: Load ’em Up

  1. WOW…mine are living in squalor compared to your spoiled hens. You are blessed to be able to dote on them daily like that. Mine get a handful of sunflowers seeds in the am and a head of lettuce when I get home around 5. I’m bummed my persimmon tree is kaput for the year now. Hope your bribery works!

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