Mabel: Not a Quiet Day

Okay; so I caught her mid-bite on the romaine treat, but this is not so dissimilar to what Mabel looks like when she yells at me. Goldie (right) wonders why.

After all that. After all the churning and thinking and fretting and worrying and deciding she will stay put, Mabel has given me a challenging day. Calling — CALLING — to me from the run. Quiet for a while, then CALLING. Goldie and Marguerite are resting comfortably in their little shade holes that they dug out in the dirt. Can it be annoying them as much as it is me?

Just got up to run to the back door and “sssshhht!” out the window, which sometimes works to quiet the squawking–or at least interrupts it. I run my foot smack-dab into the leg of my drawing table and swear I’ve broken three toes, then bend my wrist back on the door frame to stop myself from falling, knocking a few fingernails backward. After the feeling of nausea passes, I limp to the window and deliver the order for quiet. Her beak closes, she cocks her head to the side, listens. Was that a food call? And then it starts up again. She’s heard me and knows I’m around.

My goodness; this chicken has no idea what she’s doing to me. Decisions, decisions. It’s one thing when I’m merely worried about offending the neighborhood; it’s another when it starts to affect me and my work day…


One thought on “Mabel: Not a Quiet Day

  1. Oh my Mabel is a little naughty. Sounds like she tasted too much freedom at the barn? I can see mine getting more antsy day by day. I’ve already started to formulate a plan to expand their run. My Dad will be here for a week and will put him to work if he’s willing. I swear my future eggs better be golden. These little cluckers have cost me a small fortune already lol. Oh and don’t introduce them to meal worms. They are like crack to them and just as expensive! We should do the coop tour and wine tasting soon lol

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