How Chickens are Like Men, #1

Whatever is Goldie saying?

In the six days I’ve become a mother hen to my, well, hens, I’ve noticed a few things about chickens. They are habitual. They have a clear and concise pecking order. They always look to see if you’re bringing them something.

Which leads me to a random conclusion: Chickens are a little bit like men. One of many observations to come, I am sure… (Warning: I see a new blog category starting soon…)

So here it is. My first observation of how chickens are like men:

  • Chickens are known to express approximately 30 distinct sounds, most of which are indecipherable by humans, but which are unique and clearly intent with some sort of meaning.

Time to roost.


One thought on “How Chickens are Like Men, #1

  1. 30 sounds? Is this real? It’s not one of those annoying ‘eskimo have 50 words for snow’ things, is it? (Do they mean Inuits? Which particular group/tribe? Is it 50? Is it still 50? etc etc etc).

    I can generally get away with a ‘bob-bob’, and a kind of squawk; they seem to find them acceptable, and respond likewise.

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